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Academic Syllabus

ID Program Name Level(UG/PG/HS) CBCS/Semester/Year Year of Introduction View
55B.COMUGFYUGP2023View File
54B.A. (Psychology)UGFYUGP2023View File
53B.A. (Sociology)UGFYUGP2023View File
52B.A. (Geography)UGFYUGP2023View File
51B.A. (Political Science)UGFYUGP2023View File
50B.A. (History)UGFYUGP2023View File
49B.A. (English)UGFYUGP2023View File
48B.A. (Economics)UGFYUGP2023View File
47B.A. (Education)UGFYUGP2023View File
46B.A. (Assamese)UGFYUGP2023View File
45B.A./B.Com FYUGP Common CoursesUG 1st SemesterFYUGP2023View File
43B. Com (Major)UGNon-CBCS2011View File
42B.A. General in SattriyaUGNon-CBCS2010View File
41B.A. General in PsychologyUGNon-CBCS2010View File
40B.A. General in SociologyUGNon-CBCS2010View File
39B.A. General in Political ScienceUGNon-CBCS2010View File
38B.A. Major in Political ScienceUGNon-CBCS2010View File
37B.A. General in GeographyUGNon-CBCS2010View File
36B.A. Major in GeographyUGNon-CBCS2010View File
35B.A. General in HistoryUGNon-CBCS2010View File
34B.A. Major in HistoryUGNon-CBCS2010View File
33B.A. General in EducationUGNon-CBCS2011View File
32B.A. Major in EducationUGNon-CBCS2011View File
31B.A. General in EconomicsUGNon-CBCS2010View File
30B.A. Major in EconomicsUGNon-CBCS2010View File
29B.A. General in Elective EnglishUGNon-CBCS2010View File
28B.A. General in Alt. EnglishUGNon-CBCS2010View File
27B.A. General in EnglishUGNon-CBCS2010View File
26B.A. Major in EnglishUGNon-CBCS2010View File
25B.A. General in Adv. AssameseUGNon-CBCS2010View File
24B.A. MIL in AssameseUGNon-CBCS2010View File
23B.A. Major in AssameseUGNon-CBCS2010View File
22AHSEC 2nd Year All Subjects SyllabusHS2nd Year2021View File
21AHSEC 1st Year All Subject SyllabusHS1st Year2021View File
20BVoc-Physical EducationUnder Graduate (UG)CBCS2020View File
19BVoc-Information TechnologyUnder Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
18B.COM HonoursUnder Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
17B.A Regular Course (Sociology)Under Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
16B.A Regular Course (Sattriya)Under Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
15B.A Regular Course (Psychology)Under Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
14B.A Regular Course (Political Science)Under Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
13B.A. Honours in Political ScienceUnder Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
12B.A Regular Course (History)Under Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
11B.A. Honours in HistoryUnder Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
10B.A Regular Course (Geography)Under Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
9B.A. Honours in GeographyUnder Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
8B.A Regular Course (English)Under Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
7B.A. Honours in EnglishUnder Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
6B.A Regular Course (Education)Under Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
5B.A. Honours in EducationUnder Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
4B.A Regular Course (Assamese)Under Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
3B.A. Honours in AssameseUnder Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
2B.A Regular Course (Economics)Under Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File
1B.A. Honours in EconomicsUnder Graduate (UG)CBCS2019View File

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