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Courses Offered
The college imparts instructions in Higher Secondary and Degree level with major in seven subjects.

(a) Higher Secondary course of Study

Core Subjects : English, * M.I.L. (Assamese) and Alt. English.
Elective Subjects : Economics, Education, History, Political Science and Geography, Advance Assamese Language (ASL).

* Candidates wishing to offer M.I.L. other than Assamese or Alt. English may do so after obtaining necessary permission from the H.S. Education Council. In this respect the candidate will be treated as institutional private and he/she is required to pay additional fee for this purpose as determined by the authority concerned.

Besides two core subjects a student is required to offer any three elective subjects listed above. A student may, opt for a fourth subject (but no credit mark shall be added from that).
(b) Three Years Degree Course

The college offers three-year degree course with major in English, Assamese, Economics, Education, Geography, History and Political Science. As per direction from D.H.E. (Director of Higher Education), Assam the degree course is presently distributed into three units : each unit, i.e each year being treated as the final one and having its seperate syllabus. Now semester system is introduced by the Guwahati University w.e.f. 2011-12.

The students can offer major in any of the following subjects - English, Assamese, Economics, Education, History, Geography and Political Science. In addition to these subjects Sociology, Psycology, Sattriya Dance, Alt. English and ASL may be considered for choosing as elective subjects. Of course as per G.U. rules the students offering major in English and Assamese will not be allowed to opt for Alt. English and Assamese as elective subjects respectively.

Admission Procedure

For admission to H.S. and Degree classes the students are to collect the admission form and prospectus in due time as announced by the authority and to submit the same along with the photocopies of mark sheets and other testimonials. Applications which are found incomplete or not submitted within specified date shall be cancelled. The students are required to be present on the day of admission and produce the original certificates. It is always a pleasure with us to take special care of meritorious students.
Class Attendance
70% attendance is compulsory for the students of H.S. and Degree classes. With any record of attending less than 70% attendance a student will be non-collegiated and in case the attendance falls below 60% he/she will be discollegiated for the year concerned. Non-collegiated students will have to pay fine as fixed by the university.


Appearing in all internal examinations is compulsory for the students; disciplinary action along with fines shall be taken against students not appearing in examination, periodical unit tests will be conducted as per schedule mentioned in the academic calendar. To assess the performance of the students and the results of the unit tests, attendance and other internal assessment will be taken into consideration while promoting the students to the next higher class. There is no evaluation of results in case of discollegiated students.

College Uniform

The students are required to wear the college uniform while attending their classes, and the functions.
For Boys : White Shirts, Black Pant & Navy Blue Sweater.
For Girls : Muga Coloured Mekhela, Chadar with Blue borders, White Blouse & Navy Blue Sweater. Or White Surider Kamij with Navy Blue Chunni & Navy Blue Sweater..


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