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Name: Rural Sociology-Issues & Perspectives
Edited By: Dr. Kamal Ch. Saikia & Mr. Bishal Saikia
ISBN: 978-93-84679-84-2
First Edition: 2017
Describtion: An anthology of Sociological essays commemorating the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Dr. B.K.B. College

Name: Human Resource Management and Socio-Economic Development in Assam - A Seminar
Edited By: Mrs. Akashee Bhuyan, Dr. Kamal Ch. Saikia
First Edition: 2008
Describtion: A Seminar - A Proceedings Volume

Name: Eshona
Edited By: Dr. Som Nath Bora & Ms. Lalpiengmawi Changsan
First Edition: 2022
Describtion: A bilingual journal of Dr. B.K.B. College, Puranigudam

Name: Changing Scenario of Higher Education System in India since 1986 and its relevance and impact in Assam - A Seminar
Edited By: Mrs. Mamani Saikia
ISBN: 978-81-920586-0-3
First Edition: 2010
Describtion: A Seminar - A proceeding volume

Name: Modern Trends and Services of Libraries in Digital Era
Edited By: Ms. Juli Thakuria
ISBN: 978-93-84679-86-6
First Edition: 2017
Describtion: Modern Trends and Services of Libraries in Digital Era

Name: Development and Regional Planning - Special Focus on N.E. Region
Edited By: Dr. Abinash Bharali
ISBN: 978-93-84679-59-0
First Edition: 2019
Describtion: A collection of selected research-based articles presented in the UGC sponsored National Seminar

Name: Sondhani
Edited By: Mr. Krishna Bora
First Edition: 2022
Describtion: A Collection of selected project papers prepared by the former Major students of the Assamese Department, Dr. B.K.B. College, Puranigudam

Name: Women of North-East India in 21st Century
Edited By: Dr. Punya lata Gohain, Dr. Ranjeeta Kakoti, Dr. Chandana Deka & Ms. Afshana Parveen
ISBN: 978-93-93505-71-2
First Edition: 2022
Describtion: A Collection of selected articles on Women in North East India

Name: Prabandha Kosh
Edited By: Somnath Bora
First Edition: 2008
Describtion: A Collection of articles on literature & culture

Name: Birinchi Kumar Barooah Adhoyon
Edited By: Somnath Bora
First Edition: 2009
Describtion: A Proceeding Volume

Name: Feminism Poverty and Globalization
Edited By: Akashee Bhuyan & Mallika Bora
ISBN: 978-93-81694-79-4
First Edition: 2012
Describtion: The Volume is an anthology of selected papers presented in an UGC funded seminer, held in Dr. B.K.B. College.

Name: Birinchi Kumar Barooah
Edited By: Somnath Bora
ISBN: 978-93-84679-38-5
First Edition: 2008
Describtion: A commemorative volume

Name: Bidyotsahi Bidyadhar Khaund
Edited By: Phanindra Nath Gayan
First Edition: 2012
Describtion: A collection of Commemorative articles.

Name: HUMAN RIGHTS : New dimensions and challenges
Edited By: Lakhimee Kakoty
ISBN: 978-93-81694-15-2
First Edition: 2012
Describtion: Edited Book

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