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Title : Short Notice Inviting Tender 2 (Dated: 13/11/2017)

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Short Notice Inviting Tender


No.                                                                                                                  Dated: 13/11/2017


The office of the Principal, Dr. B.K.B. College, Puranigudam, Nagaon (Assam) invites bid (Technical & Financial) for the works under RUSA as detailed below on percentage basis of APWD SOR 2013-14. (The percentage rate will be applicable to all related items of work of the estimate)


Name of work:- Construction of class room at 1st floor of newly constructed class room building of Dr. B.K.B. College, Puranigudam under RUSA.


Package No.

Name of the work

Estimated value of work (Rs.)

Time of completion

Earnest Money

Tender cost (Rs.)


  1. Construction of class room at 1st floor on newly constructed building
  2. Internal Electrification at newly constructed ground floor
  3. Sanitary installation on ground floor
  4. Internal water supply at ground floor.












60 days

Rs. 34,254/- for General

Rs. 17,127/- for SC/ST/OBC



The last date and time of submission of the tender on 20th November/2017 up to 3.00 pm. The tenders will be opened on the same day at 3.30 pm.

            The other “Terms and conditions” may be seen in the Office of the undersigned in any working hours.



Dr. B.K.B. College, Puranigudam

Nagaon, Assam.



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