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Psychology Department


The Department of Psychology at Dr. BKB College, Puranigudam was established in the year 2013 and since then it has been working towards spreading awareness about the importance of psychology as a subject matter and how it can be applied to improve and enrich lives of people. The department offers Generic and Regular courses in Psychology under Gauhati University. The department employs student-centric teaching methods and aids to facilitate better understanding of the coursework. Various departmental activities, seminars, workshops etc. are conducted to facilitate psychological thinking and understanding of the world.

Vision- To impart holistic education and enhance community well-being.


• To provide a conducive and accepting academic atmosphere to the students.

• To provide students with knowledge and guidance to develop employable skill sets.

• To develop psycho-social consciousness and shape students into responsible future citizens.

• To render service to the community and society at large.


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