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The Department of English was established in the year 1967. While imparting studies in English Literature and Language, the Department intends to provide the students as a bye-product, a broad cultural background equipped with value education with a view to ornament them the impetus to become responsible and well-informed citizens. 


# Activities Description Date View
1 Parent Teacher Meet A Parent-Teacher Meeting was held online on 12/05/2021 at 7.30 pm with the parents of English Honours students where different issues related to online mode of examination, mental preparation of students along with their parents concerning creation of a positive attitude towards teaching-learning processes, resolving confusions, doubts raised by students and their parents and so many other aspects. It was really a successful meeting with the presence of approximately 80% of the parents. 17-06-2021 View
2 Workshop on Modern Assamese Songs (Dated: From 5th to 8th March, 2021)

A workshop on Modern Assamese Songs was organised with the collaboration between English Department, Dr. B.K.B. College and Navaroop Jatiya Vidyapith, Nagaon, from 5th to 8th March, 2021. It was part of an outreach programme of the department concerned.

Date: 18-06-2021


3 A Web Talk on "Poetry and Aesthetic Pleasure of Poetry"

A Web Talk was organised by Department of English, Dr. B.K.B. College on the auspicious occasion of Teachers' Day (5 th of September, 2021) where eminent poet and Associate Professor of Assamese Department, Cotton University, Guwahati, Assam, Dr. Lutfa Hanum Salima Begum was invited as resource person to talk on the topic "Poetry and Aesthetic Pleasure of Poetry". It was really a fruitful and thought provoking lecture from the part of the resource person. Students along with teachers from different departments had actively participated in the virtual meeting and most of the participants shared their individual ideas in relation to the depth of the concerned topic.

Web Link of the programme: 

07-09-2021 View


# Achievement Date View
1 INTERNATIONAL AWARD: Mr. Bhaskarjya Purna Gayan, a student of B.A. 2nd Semester, English Honours, is awarded 1st Prize in Borgeet Duet Senior in the International Dance, Music on line Festival & Competition held on 20th May, 2021 organized by Sattriya Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, Majuli, Assam, India. 17-06-2021 View
2 Certificate of Appreciation- Miss Rashmi Rekha Gour, a student of English Honours has secured 95% in the online quiz conducted by KG College NCC COY-7 of 16 Kerala Battalion held on 15th August 2021 24-08-2021 View


# Semester year View
1 B.A. 1st Semester (CBCS) ENG-HC-1016 2019 View
2 B.A. 1st Semester (CBCS) ENG-HC-1026 2019 View
3 B.A. 1st Semester (CBCS) ENG-CC-1016 2019 View
4 B.A. 1st Semester (CBCS) ENG-AE-1014 2019 View
5 B.A. 6th Sem (Non-CBCS) (Eng Hon_Paper_6.5) 2014 View
6 B.A. 6th Sem (Non-CBCS) (Eng Hon_Paper_6.5 2015 View
7 B.A. 6th Sem (Non-CBCS) (Eng Hon_Paper_6.5) 2016 View
8 B.A. 6 th Sem (Non-CBCS) (Eng Hon_Paper_6.2_2015) 2015 View
9 B.A. 6 th Sem (Non-CBCS) (Eng Hon_Paper_6.3) 2015 View
10 B.A. 6 th Sem (Non-CBCS) (Eng Hon_Paper_6.4) 2015 View
11 B.A. 6 th Sem (Non-CBCS) (Eng Hon_Paper_6.6) 2015 View
12 B.A. 1st Sem_CBCS_ENG-HC-1016 2020 (2021) View
13 B.A. 1st Sem_CBCS_Eng-HC_1026 2020 (2021) View
14 B.A. 1st Sem_CBCS_ENG-CC-1016 2020 (2021) View


# Title Date View
1 CBCS English Honours Syllabus (B.A.) 19-04-2021 View
2 CBCS English Regular Syllabus (B.A.) 19-04-2021 View
3 Non-CBCS English Syllabus 19-04-2021 View
4 CBCS-AECC-English Communication 22-04-2021 View


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